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January 15, 2008

Christmas Items - Third Post

These were the only 3D items I made this year. The first picture is of an ornament made from the left-over tins from this project. The second is one of those Tootsie Roll banks that Wal-Mart has/had around Christmas-time. I used them for a Stamp Club project and also had this one to give to a friend as a gift. For the Tootsie Roll bank I used the Scratch n' Sniff embossing method that SU! shared with its demonstrators in a past issue of Stampin' Success and it DID NOT work well. I don't recommend it with unsweetened pudding. I think if you use Crystal Light, or maybe even sugar-free Jell-O it might work better. The pudding granules were too clumpy and didn't make for good embossing. You can see in the picture what I mean.


  1. I love this! You always have great projects.Melanie Hopes


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