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February 25, 2010

Check this out

Greetings blogging friends.  I am sorry to disappoint, but I have not been much of a stay-at-home mom this week.  I have not been home, and the few hours that I have, I have been watching someone else's child at my house.  Normally, I would risk my own life and that of my own children to dare to sit down and stamp while my children are awake and could burn the house down.  I will not, however, do that with someone else's child at my house ;)  LOL

I am hoping to stamp this weekend, and on Saturday I do have a new Inspiration Challenge for you.

In the meantime, check this fabulous site out.  Lydia from Understand Blue has created a fabulous way for those of you who would love to actually work in your dream job (something in the creative industry) a way to FIND that dream job.  See it HERE.

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  1. girl you are funny...I have to share with you, well because I luv to encourage others. Plan those date nights, it is sad but true, guys just do not think like we do. Us girls would plan for each other that's why we luv our gf, they think like we do. Our dh's do not, they are usually fine with going on a date but there minds to not think to plan stuff. They do not see it as important, car stuff, sports, the lawn now that is important to them. We will never change the way they think or the way God wired them, so plan your date night and enjoy! Oh, btw it has nothing to do with there love for us, they really do love us but do not know how to show it....have a great day my friend!

    enjoy *~*


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