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June 26, 2007

We're in San Antonio and "His" Name!!!!

Well, we made it here safe and sound yesterday afternoon. It's going to be interesting. I have a 1 bedroom "hotel" room on the base (us military-types call them lodging rooms instead of hotel rooms). It does have a small kitchen (no dishwasher, but it does have a stove and full-sized fridge) and a bar area with chairs to eat at. Each night I have to use a pull-out sofa for the girls and since they're in the bed together it will be interesting to see if they ever just go to sleep or if they'll be stinkers trying to play each night. This base is HUGE. We're at Lackland Air Force Base where Wilford Hall Medical Center is, and to give you an idea, it have FIVE pools on the base alone!!!! Our base (Laughlin) has one, and some bases don't have any. I can look out of my lodging room and see Wilford Hall so that's a huge comfort. We're still not sure where the girls will go when I go into labor since we don't really know anyone here, but we'll figure that out. I will not be able to post any pictures while here because the computer I have access to is not allowed to have anything up/down loaded to it. I do plan on making some cards though, and doing a little sewing of some baby items I want to make for our baby.

Oh, and for those of you that have been waiting, we're pretty sure that we're going to name the baby Daniel Peter McClellan(middle name is his father's first name). It fits in with our other "traditional" names that we gave the girls. He can be Danny when he's little - not sure if I'll call him that or not - and Dan if he wants when he's older. I like it, but there's just something about picking a boy's name. It's not the same feeling as choosing a little girl's name. Anyone else feel that way? :) Well, I've almost hit my 20-minute time limit on the computer so I've got to run, but take care and make sure you subscribe!!!! That way you won't be checking back each day when there's nothing new.


  1. I found boys' names tough... we ended up with an Alexander James and a Matthew Mackenzie. Matthew's middle name would have been our girls first name (Mackenzie Grace) but we knew we were done after him.I like the more traditional names as well (as you can tell)

  2. What a great name! That is one of the names on our short list! I got the blog candy! YUMMY!!!!!! Thanks again! Goodluck for a safe and speedy delivery!

  3. I'm sending my best wishes to you that everything goes well with the birth of you new little one. I'm also adding you to my blog roll. Please add me to yours too, if you'd like. www.ArtfulAvocations.typepad.comGood luck! Sharon Rivera

  4. Good Luck. My sonds name is Daniel and now that he is older we call him Dan.

  5. I hope you have fun while you are at the "hotel". jean


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