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June 20, 2007

For Now....

I do have a card to show you later, but for now I thought I would refer you to Sarah Moore's blog post on using chipboard. She has some ADORABLE cards that she made using chipboard in ways you might never think to use it to create cute little animals. They are so fun!! Click here to see her post.

I've been going nuts since last night, so I'm a little unorganized at the moment and that's why I won't have my usual early morning post. While I was at a function at church learning how to have 72-hour kits for each member of my family in case of emergency (they contain food, a change of clothes, water, flashlights, etc.) my husband was busy being told by our 2 year-old that there was a bug in the bathroom. He thought it was an ant or something, but Sarah took him in there and showed him a SCORPION hiding under her potty seat on the floor (you know, the kind you put on the potty for potty-training). AHHHHH!!!!!! Last year Emma was stung by one in the bath tub - long story and HORRIBLE experience - while it was SUBMERGED in the water (that little nasty thing lived for over 45 minutes submerged before we finally dumped it on the asphalt at the hospital parking lot and stepped on it). Thank goodness, as much as the stings can hurt, there's an imaginary line somewhere between here and Arizona and the poisonous scorpions aren't here. I can't believe they can say that as a blanket statement, but supposedly none here are poisonous. You CAN have an allergic reaction to them though, and thank goodness Emma didn't last year. So...my hubby caught it and flushed it and then when I got home he told me about it and all I could think/dream about last night was scorpions crawling all over my house. I didn't get much sleep. Today I'm going to get out some heavy-duty insecticide that I have and call the company and find out how much to use per gallon of water to treat my house (both for the local mammoth roaches and other bugs, and scorpions) because we got this stuff after the scorpion last year and I haven't used it much since. I'm also super paranoid about insecticides around my kids and dogs. We'll see what info I can get from the company.

SO - I will post a card later, and will try to figure something out so that I can sleep...can't you just see a scorpion falling in the crib with my little baby when I bring him home in July?!!?!?! That's what I'm thinking about right now! :(


  1. You poor thing. I hate bugs so I can imagine how I would be with a scorpion...lol I would probably move. Make sure it is safe to use those insecticides in your condition

  2. What a nightmare and daymare!! Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!!


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