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December 29, 2009


Moving is something that people in the military just have to get used to.  I have found that military families make friends fast, hard, and forever.  If you're associated with the military, you know what I mean.  The friendships are some of the strongest I've ever had in my life, and they last - no matter the miles between us as the military moves us from one part of the world to another. 

I have yet another friend leaving me and I made her this card.  She is such a lovely person, on the inside and out.  My kids love her.  They're always talking about how pretty she dresses when we see her at church (I try - but they never seem to notice when mommy isn't wearing "mommy" clothes!).  She taught Sunday School and I always learned something new in her class and left feeling edified and uplifted.  That's always a nice thing.  She's just such a nice person and I am sad to see her go.

Anyway, we will miss Ashley and I hope that she enjoyed her card.  She wears lots of colors (she has gorgeous blonde hair and can pretty much wear any color she wants!) so I wanted to give her a card with some color. 

I had a lot of fun making this card - it made me feel creatively inspired once again and maybe I'm coming out of my slump!  I would love to have my Mojo back!!  :)


  1. Marie,
    Love this card! Hope you and your family had a great Christmas.

  2. Marie, I love this card and I'm sure your friend did too. I know just what you are saying. We moved some many times when I was little and you are right I still remember many of the friends that I made. I hope that you and your family have a Happy and Blessed New Year!

  3. Hey Marie,

    Your card turned out awsome. I love color and love that color combo. Hope you have a great New Years. Talk to you soon.


  4. Marie, Your card is stunning! I love the bird & the beautiful colors you used! I'm sure Ashley will just love it! It is always sad when a good friend moves away! I really miss not having you here! :)



  5. That is gorgeous Marie. You did a fantastic job, and I know she will treasure it.

  6. I can say officially that you are out of the slump!!!
    Your cards is very pretty and I love the colors. I noticed them even before I read the post. Thanks for the inspiration!


  7. OMG! seriously, Marie! this is one gorgeous card! the colors are beautiful together!

  8. Hey Marie! Very pretty card. You can tell you put your heart into it - she will love it!


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Marie :)