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February 3, 2009

Some clean-up

You may notice that my blog side-bars are a little less long.  I created some pages for all of the great links that I used to have in the side.  I also realized that I am more of a passive "Blogs to Browse" link-lister.  I pretty much only link to those that link to me.  So, if I missed you, let me know!!!  I figure that since I ALWAYS post links to sites and blogs that I mention in a post I wouldn't worry so much about adding them all in my sidebar, so I got rid of ones that are typically most stamper's favorite sites since you already know about those.  Anyway - it's just easier for me and de-clutters my blog a little. 

If you click HERE you will be taken to the link on my right sidebar where I've listed all of my "Blogs to Browse" and if you click HERE you'll be taken to a list of all of the blogs and websites who have sketches and/or challenges that I enjoy.  I hope these lists are helpful to you!!

For groups that I'm part of, I don't list all of the members, rather I put the blinkie or link that takes you to the list where they all are.  I figure no need to duplicate a list that's already out there!!  Then as the admin of those lists update/change them, I don't have to worry that my list isn't current anymore.

I just thought I'd explain this to ya in case you noticed the difference.  Have a great day!

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