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December 5, 2007

Can Everyone Just STOP Blogging?!?!? :)

So, if you need an excuse to take a day (or three) off from blogging, here it is: ME!!!! I have gotten so far behind on reading and posting that I have OVER 340 posts to catch up on on my Google Reader and I will NEVER catch up!! We're all sick, I've been super busy, and to top it all off, I started getting sick last night and today my DH is going on an over-night trip so he won't be home tonight to help out. Poor me, I know, where's the tiny violin playing my sad, sad music? ;) I need to upload the pictures I've taken over the last two weeks and hope to do so this evening when the kids are (hopefully) in bed and I will post then. So stay tuned, and take a day off "on me" from your own blog! Just post that "Marie made me do it." Have a great day and I hope to post to you later!

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