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April 2, 2010

I've Realized...

that I don't have much time to post. No crafting time, certainly!! :(

My first class is going really well. It's hard to manage my time so that I get peace and quiet to work when I'm not already tired from a whole day of other "stuff", but I'm still managing to keep my 100% even when I have to write a paper with Daniel climbing all over me.

We were so happy to have my parents come visit this past week for a few days. I did a good job of taking pictures, but in looking at them on the computer, I see that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM has someone blinking, or about to talk, or with chocolate all over their face (Daniel) such that it looks like he's sticking out his tongue becuase of the chocolate and the way the shadows hit. There wasn't one picture where everyone was okay. But, that's part of the fun too, I guess. I'll share a few below. I'm trying to decide if I should share the one of my mom with candy in her teeth - she put a bunch of green Jujubees on her teeth to show the kids how funny it would look and then obliged with a picture. Can we say "blackmail"? :)

So, enjoy the following pictures.

These first pictures are from when our friend/neighbor James took us to see a C-5 that was being de-constructed (not totally, though) for tests before being put back together again.

We got to go up 7 stories on one of 3 of these structures in the Air Force that gets up up on the tail of the C-5. Here's Daniel looking down at someone....

Who is that?

Oh! It's Nana!!! :)

We went down to Rehoboth beach for the first time, to check it out with my parents. I told you someone is doing something/making a face in each picture.... :)

Here we are outside of a candy store. Everyone was excited except for Sarah.

Here is everyone in the car with their candy.

This one of the kids enjoying some eggs that a friend left in our yard for us is priceless. Don't they look so happy staring into the sun?!?! I totally crack up whenever I look at it :)

This is our goodbye picture. Nana and Baba had to hit the road after we walked the girls to school after taking this picture.

It sure was a fun visit and everyone was sad to see Nana and Baba leave. I hope we get more of them. We love visitors!!! :)


  1. Marie ~ What fun pictures! Good luck with your class...has to be a daunting task with 4 little ones. But, I am sure you will do well. Your children are beautiful. Have a Happy Easter.

  2. OOPS! Typo......3 little ones!

  3. Marie: Enjoyed the pictures. C-5s are awesome aircraft. It's impossible to realize how huge they are until you're around them. I remember the tornado that hit Altus AFB in 1982; I visited the runway/taxi area and saw where the tornado had picked up 2 C-5s and slammed them into each other. The nose of one plane was pushed into the nose of the other one and then both planes were spun around. It was a sad day for Altus when the AF relocated the planes to another base. It was after that that when the weather forecast called for really severe weather that Altus started moving the planes to Enid or Clinton Sherman (CS is closed but there is still a runway there). So many memories!


  4. Marie, what a wonderful time it looks like you had. the pictures are priceless and wonderful what a fun family you have.

    I miss you!


  5. Hi Marie! Wonderful pictures! Looks like you had a great time with your folks there. We miss you, but you are working toward your future which is very important!

  6. Great photos, Marie! The kids look SO cute in those hard hats!

  7. Marie,
    Can't believe how big the kids have gotten...especially Daniel. Shows how long it has been since you all were at LAFB.

  8. Marie - Hope classes are going well. Miss you!



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Marie :)