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March 6, 2010

Being Realistic

I don't know how some of you stampers out there post as many posts as you do.  Especially the stay at home moms.  Maybe it's because I'm almost like a single stay at home mom (as I write this my husband is on yet another trip for the Air Force), but I can't find time to stamp when my kids aren't around, so I don't get to stamp.  I don't like to sit them in front of the tv just so that I can stamp, and unfortunately I don't have the privileged of a stamping room or stamping space, and my supplies have to be kept in one of my children's closets upstairs.  Hunting for supplies at night when they're asleep, with a flashlight, is just a pain in the you-know-what. 

Anyway - now I've added in Master's classes to my load of responsibilities (and it's a GOOD thing - I'm doing something for ME that will have a long-lasting effect), I haven't even had time to think about stamping.  So -  I will not be like the others that manage to post every day.  I may not even post every week anymore. 

If you're at all interested in me, my blog, or my style, then please subscribe to it so that you don't waste your time checking in all of the time.  I appreciate each and every one of you.  It gets pretty lonely with my husband gone all of the time, and living in a strange community with people that are just not friendly (I would LOVE to move back out West, or even sort-of South, where people don't look at you strangely when you wave hello!!!), so my blog has been a great source of happiness to me.  Your kind comments, support, and encouragement have meant a lot.  They will continue to do so, even if I can't share with you very often anymore.  I am hoping to not end up stopping my blogging all together.

Take care, friends.  I will still visit your blogs as much as I can - that's less time consuming than sitting down and stamping, photographing, editing, and posting. :)

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Don't worry about it at all Marie! I hope you get some time soon to stamp. And yes, I agree - it will pay off in the end!! And it IS for YOU. You're a good mommy :)

    Why don't you move down here.. we can stamp together!

  2. aaahhh Marie, not to worry, you sound like a super gal, you have it together! I do not have children, do not watch TV so I design while dh watches TV..lol. I wish you the best with your education, I will be around. It has been nice getting to know you, please stop by when you have a chance. Big gushy hugs sweetie.

    enjoy *~*

  3. So glad you're not quitting entirely. I for one will be around to see any posts you can get to. I completely understand the fact that it takes so much work to get a post up. Most days I'd rather look at what others have done than hassle with posting myself. I'm so glad you've found a community of friends online to fill that void during this time in your life. I appreciate all you do! Best wishes.

  4. Marie,

    I am a subscriber and love reading your updates and seeing your projects. I, too, have to stamp "from a closet." I'm amazed at what you manage to get done given your circumstances.

    Take care of yourself and your education. You are correct that you'll benefit in the long run.

    My husband is retired from the US Navy. I know what it's like to be single. Do what you love and what you can do to make it through each day!

    {{{{{Hugs from afar!!!}}}}}


  5. Marie - You have many of us who understand! The hardest part is knowing what you can take on! Wish I lived closer...but I'll visit when you do have time to post.

  6. I so get you girl! I feel the same way even if I'm SAH. What you're feeling shows you're more than a great mom to me because you want the quality time with your children.

    I do everything at home too but I also know that it's still different if you have your hubby around 'coz you can ask him little stuff here & there. I salute you for being the brave one! Love you girl!


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