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July 13, 2007

I've been tagged, and STILL no baby!!

I am only 4 days from my due date, but little Daniel has made it very clear he's not ready to meet his family yet :) Of course I'm getting anxious, but I think that won't help so I'm trying to stay stress-free (in a hotel room with 2 little girls, yeah right, huh?) so that I am relaxed and he'll decide to join us . Thank GOODNESS, my hubby is going to come Saturday night to stay for good, and I won't have to call him when I go into labor and hope he makes it. That's SO AWESOME!!!!

As for being tagged, Laura (aka Stampin' Soldier) told me that I'm it, so I'll answer her questions and then try to figure out who to tag. With only 20 min to check the internet each day, I've been neglecting my Google Reader and haven't kept up with ANY blogs, I'm sorry!! Hopefully whoever I tag hasn't been tagged, but we'll see.

Here are seven random things about me:
My favorite fruit, I have recently decided, are cherries (you know, the Bing type)
When we are out of the military, I am going to get back into being a falconer
I ran cross-country while at the AF Academy (just one season before I quit for falconry) but who would look at me and guess that anymore?!?!?
I'm 5'1" tall
I grew up in Lexington, Kentucky and LOVE it there!
I was 17 when I left home for the Air Force Academy
I would love to work with animals for a profession, but am not sure that I can make that happen

Here are the bloggers I am tagging (my time on the net is almost up, so I probably won't be able to come up with 7 fast enough, sorry!):


  1. Jennifer NellenbackJul 13, 2007, 10:59:00 AM

    I was beginning to worry about whether or not you had already had him or not. Well don't worry about calling when you have him. I know it is a big pain to have everybody at your house all at once. Just call me when you get settled and are ready for some company! Hope you have a quick and as pain free of a labor as possible. If you need anything let me know. Talk to you soon!

  2. Good luck Marie! Everything will most likely work out as you wish, but most assuradly (is that a word?) you will have a wonderful baby soon! Cross Country! "We're not worthy!

  3. The Stampin' SoldierJul 14, 2007, 7:15:00 PM

    Ok, am I a weirdo for asking what a falconer is???

  4. I am glad all is well. But I wish the little one would get here. lol Guess he going to be alittle stubborn. At least your husband will be with you and that will help. Keep us posted


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